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How to – recovery of your Computer password in windows

Recovery of your computer password can be easy  and hard depending on which method you use .If you’velost your computer’s password”, then you’re left with no access to internet and docs on your pc which can be frustrating. Recovery of the password or access to your computer needs to be had quick.

computer password recovery
Windows PC Password Reset – Windows XP / 7 / 98 (32bit – 64bit systems) – [2013 Latest Version]

There are different ways to get back into your computer, but a lot of these methods are technical and long and involve a lot of work. One way is just too easily reset your password with custom software.

“Computer password recovery”  for your pc or laptop can be a hard task , if it is done manually  via dos or command line  recovery  which is a hit and miss if your knowledge for coding is poor, however “reset software” made by computer geeks pick up the slack and make the recovery  easy and quick. Check for software over here 
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Get your password in a hearbeat !!

Looking for a unbreakable password

You might have just found it , with this new ground breaking technology !!

A new bracelet from Toronto-based company Bionym Inc. is creating a cuff that easily fits in your wrist and  tracks a user’s heartbeat and has potential to control devices in substitution to  the  old-fashioned passwords. The bracelet, Nymi, is currently just a prototype waiting to be built.

How this hearbeat is transformed into a password ?

It works by registering a user’s electrocardiogram (EKG), which is the same tool doctors use to measure heartbeats, and amazingly  encodes it into the bracelet. Unlike fingerprints or retina scans, other examples of biometrics, EKGs are not easily forged or lifted.

unbreakable password

so when an individual puts on this bracelet, it syncs with a smartphone app, which confirms a match in heartbeat and authenticates a user to all devices locked by the bracelet. You could pretty much say this password is unbreakable.

Pic of Heartbeat into password  bracelet below

the amazing hearbeat into password bracelet by nymi

This amazing gadget an locking system uses Bluetooth Low Energy to wirelessly connect to devices, and contains an accelerometer and gyroscope to recognize gestures and proximity to devices.

How to reset your computer if you forgot laptop or computer password 

Though the bracelet is not available yet, Nymi is slated to ship in 2014, and is available for pre-order for $79 for the first 25,000 customers and $99 for all others. It will work with Android, iOS, Macs and Windows systems.


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How To Create A Memorable And Unbreakable Password In 3 Minutes

Easily create an unbreakable password that you can remember. Learn how to generate and manage passwords for different accounts.

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