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How to organise your password management and recovery

lost your windows administrator password compresed

Journal Article on password management and recovery 

Forgetting a password  to your computer can lead to a number of issues, first of all access denied to your files and possibly important  information  and then if its urgent  you will need to pursue  maybe even data recovery  for you computer based on  the complexity of the problem and the operating system. Most users use windows operating system, but a growing number of users also use Linux operating systems.

While forgetting or losing a computer password can be quite a frequent problem, due to the increasing use of more difficult to remember passwords that need to include special characters and numbers in it to prevent hackers from guessing or brute forcing our passwords and gain entry into our computers and websites. Despite this  a lost password or forgotten password is on of the most  sought after  solution on the internet  due  to  the large and growing  population of  computer users .  Many websites are dedicated to the sole purpose of providing a solution to this problem. One of the solutions to this problem is the use of custom created software to recover or regain access to your computer, by just resetting your existing password. There are many youtube videos that provide a solution for resetting your computer or laptop password within minutes via a USB stick or reset disk, that the software makes for you with the help of the provided software and guide.

Website also captures the most common  passwords used for websites as well as computer  which should be noted and avoided ,as these passwords can be easily  guessed and used by  the hackers or crackers  or a person aiming to get  access  to your  computer or password.

Below is a software that  easily lets you unlock a locked computer or laptop if your have forgot your password or just cant remember the password

This password –reset works on all versions of windows

Most software providers  cater  to the most popular windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows xp and vista  but many of the software resetting software  also provide a solution for  computer password recovery for all versions of windows  in that  one software, including the latest version of windows 8.

There are still free methods that are available online for regaining access to your laptop or computer via DOS or then copying Sam files or then using user based command in the dos system, which can be daunting to a normal user and also hard to understand or follow for a user not accustomed to doing this sort of advanced commands. These methods however do not work on all versions of windows operating systems and there is no guarantee of 100% password recovery.

More Research needs to be done for free software  for this purpose to find out free methods  for  getting access to your laptop or computer , while passwords resetting software like above do it quite easily.

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