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I Forgot My Windows Vista Home premium Password


Question often asked on password forums: I Forgot My Windows Vista Home premium Password! What Can I Do? How can I recover or reset computer password

If you lost or just forgot your Windows Vista unlock password? Don’t worry – it does happens to a lot of people quite often. In this modern age, we’re supposed to make our passwords difficult to guess but sometimes we make them so difficult that even we forget them.

Answer: There are a several different ways to find your forgotten or lost Vista password:

The first free method – Use Your Windows Vista Password Reset Disk

If you have  created a Windows Vista password reset disk at some part of time , now is the time to use it! This is one of those situations where being proactive and diligent really pays off.

Your password reset disk will still work even if you’ve changed your Windows Vista password since the first time you created it or changed passwords multiple times.

Can you guess your windows vista password ?


Is it possible that your Vista logon password was created using some of the common methods most people use :

· your name?

· the name of a family member or friend?

· a pet’s name?

· a birthday?

· your home or office address?

· something from your childhood?

· a favorite food?

· an often dialed telephone number?

· some combination of the above ideas?

Still no luck – try our other methods

Have an Administrator Change Your Password

This comes handy if your on a network or group of computers and you have another administrator, If you share your computer with someone else, that person may have administrator level access, meaning they’d have the ability to change your Vista password for you.

If you’re the only user of the computer, this wont work.

Use This Hack to Reset Your Windows Vista Password

Now we’re getting into the serious stuff and technical stuff on how to rest your password. It’s not impossible but just a lot more involved than guessing.

If you’ve tried the easy ideas and failed you obviously still reading and nothing worked out, follow my How to Reset a Windows Vista Password tutorial. Yes, there are few commands and procedures to follow through you may need to do some things you’ve never done before, but always does the trick.

One last trick ( not safe)

If you still can’t get in to Windows Vista, even after trying all of the free password recovery programs, you will need to do a “clean install” of Windows Vista. This is the type of recovery that will erase everything on your PC so you lose all your files and settings. If you don’t want this the paid options is below.Hack or force yourself into Windows Vista With a Password Recovery Program

If there’s no way you’ll remember your forgotten Vista password, you have no password reset disk, you’re the only user on your PC, and the reset trick didn’t work, then it’s time to move on a paid software which will cost you a small sum of money, but will do the job quickly and safely, which should be a dedicated recovery/reset software. You can try software from which has worked for me successfully and quickly.

Windows Vista Editions

There are six editions of Windows Vista available but only the first three of them listed below are widely available to consumers:

  • Windows Vista Ultimate [Check Prices]
  • Windows Vista Business [Check Prices]
  • Windows Vista Home Premium [Check Prices]
  • Windows Vista Starter
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
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