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2 Custom Softwares for Password Recovery when you lost your computer password

Just when you thought you had the right password, you actually didn’t and you are locked out of your PC. You are now trying yet another password that you remember and think it was, but memory fails you and its not working.

Unfortunately after many attempts,nothing works and you are locked out of your computer. Fear not, its not the end of the world. Many people have been in similar situations like  you and so there is software just to solve this problem.

There is a solution for everything. Some free , some paid. This exact situation happened to me a while ago. The first thing I thought was – what if i could get a free tool online that would get my password for me from my locked laptop.

Searching Google for a windows Password un-locking Solution

I’m sure you would do the same thing in this situation, right? Go to google a search for an computer unlocking solution.

password search

So, the search began and I ended up going through heaps of websites results and online tutorials for unlocking. Now not only I had a locked computer, but I was getting a headache reading about how to unlock my pc and about unlocking methods involving command line typing , copying files in strange ways and geek speak i could not understand .

I just thought to myself – hey I’m not a programmer or computer geek, how in the hell am I going to use these confusing free methods. I pretty much put my hand on my head as you would imagine.

Im think I’m ok and somewhat tech savvy, but these free methods detailed online was full on server, coding, audit tools, smb server, sam files and using command line commands to reset a password and it didn’t sound easy at all.

I put on my Google search hat  once again and preserved on and did more research and reading online.

What my computer password un-locking research found ?

I found this site that said it had a software that would unlock the pc for free. Turned out it did give the software for free, but you had to pay to get a key for the actual reset of your password. I felt disgusted by this dodgy way of advertising.

In short i found many free tools and many paid tools that could unlock my pc for me either by removing the existing password or by resetting the existing password.

its locked how to recover passwordI tried some free methods but gave up half way through, and then signed up for two  different  paid password software by mistake. Fortunately they first one worked  and I sold the the other one to my friend

I ended up using a paid tool called “Reset Password Pro” to get back access to my computer. It did the job quickly and safely without any risk to existing files and I didnt have to re-install or repair update windows.

1. Password reset pro – Get $27 Deal

reset password pro

2. Password Resetter – Get $34.99 Deal

password resetter

I used “reset password pro” and it worked well, but my friend tested out the “Password resetter” and it worked and did the job ok too.

Thy both work in the same way, You purchase the software, then download the  software to create a bootable USB or disk with instructions and then insert that into your computer and follow instructions to reset your password. It can be done in 10 minutes easy peasy , for some it might take just a wee bit longer but instructions are pretty straight forward.

This software will work in most cases where

Cons : does not work for apple computers

Both these software’s work on most version of windows computers.

Good luck!

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