Did you change Your password for adobe account after the hack ?

was my  password stolen in hack

Adobe fell victim  to hackers recently and millions of customer emails and passwords were leaked onto internet, I found out  i was too luckily i use  different passwords for different websites  so i am secure.

If there is one universal truth about identity theft, it’s that you’ll never know how bad it is until long after you’ve been put in danger (if you ever really know). The Adobe hacking situation just illustrates the growing problem with identity theft

I  didn’t even realise  that my adobe account was also hacked until my hosting company contacted me to be vary and check  and change passwords if needed , so i went and checked my email history in one of the email accounts i don’t use as much  and there was  a security alert from adobe.

Here is what it said in short

Important Customer Security Alert

We recently discovered that attackers illegally entered our network. The attackers may have obtained access to your Adobe ID and encrypted password.

To prevent unauthorized access to your account, we have reset your password. Please visit www.adobe.com/go/passwordreset to create a new password. We recommend that you also change your password on any website where you use the same user ID or password.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause you

Adobe Customer Care

Here is what my hosting company  told me  and alerted me too  about this security incident and thanks to them to taking the extra effort  to inform me of this

They check  their  records against the data that Adobe lost and found one of my emails.

Adobe did not keep their passwords in plaintext, but they were encrypted with a weak algorithm and the password hints were also leaked so it is just a matter of time until nefarious parties will be able to obtain those passwords and potentially use them for malicious purposes.

Advise given by hosting company :

Change your password everywhere it was the same are your Adobe password.

Consider using some kind of password vault technology like keepass, lastpass, onepassword, or something similar.

As of right now this doesn’t affect anything related to your account, but in the interests of keeping our customers safe we wanted to let you know that this could be a potential issue for you.

Has your adobe account been affected ?

How do I know if my Adobe ID and current password were involved in this security incident?

If your password was reset, you will also see a password reset notice on the login screen the next time you try to log into your Adobe ID account. If you are not prompted to change your password at login, your current credentials were not in the database that was taken.

A website I found tells me that my Adobe account is at risk, but I did not receive a password reset notice or an email from you. Is my account at risk?”

If you would like to change your password on any Adobe service, you may do so at any time. Change your Adobe ID password.

What can I do to protect my login credentials if my user ID and current password were accessed?

Your password should be unique to your Adobe ID account. Don’t reuse a password you have previously used with your Adobe ID or a password you are using on any other website.

Recent reports reveal that Adobe’s stolen database held around 150 million user accounts – and not the 2.9 million Adobe originally reported, or the 38 million Krebs on Security later reported.

See if your info is in the file stolen from Adobe

Dutch student Lucb1e made a handy search tool out of the data, where the security conscious can find out if their personal information is in the file being passed around online.

To use Lucb1e’s Adobe hack search tool, enter in a partial email address (or a whole email address).

To understand how this kind source code theft could affect a company’s customers, one need look no further than the challenges faced by RSA, a cybersecurity company whose database was breached in 2011.

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