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How Microsoft ruled the PC and Computer world with Windows


windows early versions to now  2017

Microsoft is a corporation with its headquarters in Redmond, USA and ranks as the second most valuable brand worth at $69.3 billion. It supports all the inventions of the manufacturers, goods that are licensed and are related to computing. Microsoft was started by bill gates and his friend Paul Allen and its current CEO is Satya Nadella. Some other top brand competitors are Apple and Samsung but Windows contributes to much of Microsoft’s brand and price.

History of Microsoft Windows

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1984Microsoft announced the development of Windows, a graphical user interface (GUI) for its own operating system (MS-DOS). The product line has changed from a GUI product to a modern operating system over two families of design, each with its own codebase and default file system.

It started in 1975 as the producer of the programming languages. This was for MIPS Altair 7500. The Microsoft bought the operating system in 1981. This was from Seattle computer products for the intel chip based 8086. The product was redesigned and licensed to IBM for the new personal computer. It was released as MS-DOS 1.0 IBM.

The name Microsoft was registered in 1976 November, by the secretary of the state of New Mexico. The company opened an international office in japan, 1977. It was called ASCII Microsoft.

It became Microsoft Inc. by incorporating in the state of Washington. The chairman of the board was Bill Gates and the executive VP was Paul Allen.

The Microsoft products

The operating system MS DOS

This is fundamental software in a computer. It allows the computer to operate effectively. This was publicly released in 1980. It was a version of Unix and was called Xenix. This was later as a basis for the first word processor. They called it a multi-tool word.

MS-DOS was the most successful system. It was written for IBM. This was based on Paterson’s QDOS, 1981. The MS-DOS was licensed to IBM by Bill and the rights to the software were retained.

The Microsoft mouse

This was released in 1983.


This was an operating system that had a novel graphical user interface. It was introduced in 1983. It also had a multitasking environment for the IBM computers.

The Microsoft office

It was released in 1989. This is a collection of the programs that you can use in the office. They include the word processor, mail program, spreadsheet, business presentation and many others.

The internet explorer browser

This was released in 1995. This included the technologies used for connecting to the internet. It has built-in support which was for dial-up networking and the IP/TCP. It also had the web browser internet explorer 1.0.

The Xbox

This is a first gaming unit that was introduced in 2001.it is the first gaming console on the market. This was discontinued due to the competition from the Sony’s PlayStation. In 2005, they released the Xbox 360 gaming console. This is still available in the market and it is successful.

The following are some of the reasons why Microsoft is popular:

It has an easy user interface. Some simple operations needed commands before the Linux/Unix like fedora, Ubuntu. For example, creating a folder was so complicated. It has been made easier by windows, you only need to click a button.

It is cheap. Not everyone can afford the Mac. The windows computers are very cheap on the IBM devices for most applications as compared to the Mac.

The hardware-software compatibility. Windows can run on any hardware that you install it to. It can also recognize the hardware you plug into. It only needs onetime purchase of the windows installation disk.

surface pro  shops buying 2017  and windows history

Today they have new  amazing products launched regularly, including one of them being the surface pro tablet + laptop.

The above information surely helps us in u understanding how Microsoft came about to ruling PC and computer niche with its amazing ground breaking computer and pc products that it brought to the world (now if only they could make their prices a little bit more affordable to people all over the world- that would be awesome)

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Disk for windows repair 2007 and win 2008

Checking you disk in windows for disk errors and creating a repair disk , be it for “windows 7 repair disk” or “windows 8 repair disk” or even a “repair disk for mac” , should be a essential  task that every computer user does .

disk defrag and reapair for mac ios

Now i know this post is not a resource to recover your windows or mac password , but  it surely will help in getting your pc spring cleaned and healthy and avoid any future such issues  if you are looking  for software to reset or recover your password you can visit this page here and here  on our blog

Here is a video below  to also how to check your disk

Repair and Fix Hard Drive and Disk Errors

If you want a boot repair disk from source forge , then go here


Hows your mac disk doing ?

Need to bring a  sluggish Mac back to health is using OS X’s Disk Utility to repair disk permissions.

When you install an app on your Mac, the piece of software arrives as part of a package of files, including permissions that tell OS X which users can do what things with specific files.

Over time, after installing many apps or ios software bits it creates permission files for all these apps and sot wares  and these permissions can get changed over time , resulting in your Mac lagging, freezing, or crashing. A quick and easy fix is using the built-in Disk Utility to repair your permissions.

  1. To launch Disk Utility, search for it via Spotlight or navigate your way to it via this trail:
  2. Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility
  3. Next, click on your hard drive from the left panel of the Disk Utility window.
  4. With hard drive selected, click the Verify Disk Permissions button.

Disk Utility to repair your permission

To repair permission  issues, click the Repair Disk Permissions button

  • To get a picture of what’s taking up the most space on your hard drive, install the free Disk Inventory X utility
  • To clear the cache that your Mac’s various applications and processes have stashed on your hard drive, install the free utility, OnyX.

Emergency repair disk

From Wikipedia

A Microsoft Windows Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) is a specially formatted diskette that creates backups of important system files and settings and is used to troubleshoot and repair problems in Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems. An ERD is used in conjunction with the Windows repair option. The Emergency Repair Disk provides only the ability to restore the system to a bootable state. It is not a replacement for system and file backups

Buy tool to repair registry and disk files

Registry Easy™ uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry Easy™ will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found.

disk repair tool

After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair. You can get the tool here

Some free tools  below for disk’s >>>

TestDisk allows you to repair boot sectors as a basic function , and also does things like  recover deleted partitions, fix damaged partition tables, and recover deleted data, as well as copy files from deleted/inaccessible partitions. Its cool because it  works on a number of different file systems including FAT/NTFS/exFAT/ext12

Defraggler is a lightweight visually enticing  yet powerful defragmentation tool that allows you to defrag whole drives or even selected files/folders. It has an very intuitive interface that helps you to quickly visualize how much of the drive is fragmented and which files are causing most fragmentation.

SSDLife displays information about your SSD drive,  and also its health status and estimated lifetime which is  useful for helping you to plan ahead and take action accordingly. SSDLife also automatically detects the model of your SSD drive and displays detailed information about it instantly upon loading the application

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